Best Apps to Watch Football Live in 2024 -

Best Apps to Watch Football Live in 2024

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Turn your phone into a stadium: discover the best apps to watch football live in 2024!


How about bringing the excitement of the stadium to your cell phone screen? With apps to watch football live, you can closely follow everything that’s going on  wherever and whenever you want!

Now, with a few taps on your cell phone screen, you can be in the middle of the action, cheering with each goal and getting emotional with each play, as if you were in the stands.


In this post, you will discover the best apps to watch football live in 2024. So, get ready to check out the options that will to transform your way to watch football!

Apps to not miss a game

Let’s start with the apps that are essential for any football lover. These apps ensure that you are always up to date and don’t miss any games, no matter where you are.



DAZN is one of the most popular sports streaming services in the world. With live and on-demand broadcasts from various football leagues, it is a great choice for those who want to follow games from all corners of the world.


The ESPN app is a classic for sports fans. In addition to live broadcasts of various championships, the app offers detailed analysis, real-time news and game highlights.


Focused on sports, FuboTV offers a wide selection of live sports channels, including football. With excellent broadcast quality and a wide range of leagues available, it’s an ideal choice for those who don’t want to miss a single game, from European to local leagues.


OneFootball is an excellent option for those looking for an app focused exclusively on football. In addition to being able to watch football live, he offers news, statistics, and updates in real time about games and championships from around the world.

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Most prestigious football championships

Football is full of exciting championships. Here are some of the most prestigious that you can follow with apps to watch football live:

  1. FIFA World Cup: The largest and most prestigious football tournament in the world, the FIFA World Cup brings together teams from across the planet in an exciting competition that takes place every four years.
  2. UEFA Champions League: Considered Europe’s main club competition, the Champions League is known for its exciting matches and for bringing together the continent’s best clubs in search of the title.
  3. UEFA European Championship: The European Football Championship, or Euro, is a competition between European teams that takes place every four years, alternating with the World Cup. It is one of the most anticipated tournaments by football fans.
  4. Premier League: The English league is considered by many to be the most exciting in the world. With historic clubs and electrifying matches, the Premier League is a guaranteed show every week.
  5. The league: A The Spanish league is home to some of the most iconic clubs in world football, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Technical skill and high-scoring games make La Liga an unmissable championship.

Find out which are the best football teams today

Nowadays, Some teams are dominating the pitches with their incredible performances. Check out some of the best teams at the moment:

  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Inter Milan
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Arsenal

With these apps, championships and teams, you are more than prepared to enjoy the best of football in 2024. So, download the apps for , follow your favorite teams and enjoy every moment of excitement to watch football live!

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